Rich Cut Crystal

Crystal is much more brilliant, sonorous and resistant than even the best glass as its components are more noble. Bohemian crystal for example contains over 24% PbO as prescribed by the law. Even the processing methods influence the quality of the crystal and not only are the materials highly selected but every stage of the manufacturing process is closely controlled.
 Just think, before an article of crystal becomes it is basically only silica sand, potassium carbonate and lead oxide. These raw materials are melted in special crucible furnaces at a temperature of about 1500 °C. And here the magic transformation occurs, a mass of molten crystal is formed which then is ably prepared, blown and shaped to become, minutes later, a glass, a vase or a bowl. The most elegant pieces are still today blown and worked by hands as in the past. It has taken tens of years of experience and much investment to produce crystal with the purity of Bohemian Crystal. The degree of brilliance, which makes crystal such a precious material, is extremely important. The refractive index of crystal is at least 1.545 and this figure is well exceeded by products made from the Bohemian crystal. Words like elegance and prestige are not sufficient to describe Bohemian crystal articles.
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