The Snake Figurine

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White glossy porcelain snake figurine from the Chinese Zodiac collection. More

Wise men in ancient Chinese said that the appearance of a snake in the house meant that a family would never want for food. They are very sociable and have a highly positive concept of friendship that they cultivate throughout their whole lives. Under the influence of the Snake, intellectual powers flow naturally, and meditation, creativity and originality are made easier. Under this sign are those born between following dates (dd/mm/yy): 10/2/1929-29/1/1930, 27/1/1941-14/2/1942, 14/2/1953-2/2/1954, 2/2

Height 19cm
Width 18cm
Length 14cm
Made in Spain
Sculptor Joan Coderch
Limited series No
Color WhiteGreyGreenBrownAmber / Yellow
Material Porcelain