Single Figurine MING DRAGON MALE

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The 29. 5 cm figurine "Ming Dragon male" by Jörg Danielczyk awakens the "Ming Dragon" to new life. The grey decoration applied with fine brushstrokes gives the "Ming Dragon" a special liveliness. More

The "Ming Dragon" winds down to Earth from the clouds of its mythological world. In China, this age-old creature of fire stands for wisdom, the spirit of change, for the sun and light. In China, the dragon appears on porcelain since the Ming Dynasty. He has adorned Meissen porcelain since 1740 and is thus one of the oldest decorations of the manufactory. The depiction of the dragon, typical for MEISSEN, shows him with four toes; in ancient China, this depiction was reserved exclusively for the prince. The "Ming Dragon male" as a symbol of the spirit of change is a particularly traditional gift for your loved ones.

Height 29,5cm
Width 9cm
Depth 11,5cm
Weigth 650g
Made in Germany
Sculptor Jörg Danielczyk
Limited series No
Color WhiteGreyRedOrange
Material Porcelain