Royal blossom - Vase large

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The 19. 5 cm high vase "Royal Blossom" is a lovely eye-catcher in every home. The snowball blossom relief gives the vase a floral-romantic charm. More

Every single one of the filigree blossoms is formed by hand and thus testifies to thehighest craftsmanship of the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe. The fine flower relief on exquisite Meissen porcelain with its grace and elegance blooms on the vase "Royal Blossom". An enchanting Christmas present. Johann Joachim Kaendler designed the snowball blossoms in 1739 by order of King August III., who wanted to show his love to his wife Maria Josepha of Austria. Almost 300 years later, the snowball blossoms still fascinate.

Height 19,5cm
Diameter 18cm
Weigth 1,5kg
Made in Germany
Designer Meissen Atelier
Color White
Material Porcelain