Paneled carafe - Height 23cm/1000ml

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A decanter from our collection of "faceted crystal", where the combination of hand-blown crystal with an additional colour layer, hand-cut, real gold decoration and fine enamels creates a unique exclusive look. This unique art glass decorating technique is maintained by Egermann. More

Polished glass-crystal is made by a very demanding and expensive decorative technology. After the first production step (glass blowing), this semi-finished product is covered with another layer of coloured glass. The larger part of the coloured layer is then deburred (the coloured glass forms the so-called "FAZETS") and the crystal surfaces are polished with polishing wheels. The product is then decorated by hand with real gold. The combination of gold and fine decoration with enamel colours gives the products an exclusive look. The areas covered by the dyeing can also be further decorated, for example by engraving or painting. 
This extremely demanding production process makes the so-called moulded glass, in the whole wide range of decorated crystal, very unique and exceptional.    

Height 23cm
Volume 1000ml
Color RedGoldenCrystal