Naturofantastic Candle Holder. Golden Lustre

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Chandelier with a white porcelain design and gilded luster decorated with natural handmade motifs. More

An imaginary universe where the organic and fantasy are combined to create everyday objects such as lamps, vases, candelabra, bowls... Familiar forms are decorated with marine and vegetal motifs conjured up in the imagination of Lladró artists. Sometimes, the delicacy of white porcelain is further highlighted with grey, green or blue tones. On other occasions, the decoration in white or with gold luster combines gloss and matte finishes. An evocative journey to the dreamlike side of nature.

Height 40cm
Width 34cm
Length 24cm
Made in Spain
Sculptor Javier Molina
Limited series No
Color WhiteGolden
Material Porcelain