Engraved luxury wine glasses (Ruby) - set of 2pcs

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Josef Kadlec Crystal

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Luxury glass with engraving of a rose on hand-blown crystal. More

Luxury glass with engraving of a rose on hand-blown crystal. One of the most exclusive product in the range of crystal glasses ever. These glasess were designed and produced by Master Kadlec as a completely unique and very limited series. The hand-blown raw material of the goblet is made up of two layers of crystal, the first is a base clear crystal and on top of it is applied another layer of coloured crystal. All only by using traditional handmade techniques. The resulting glass is first cooled in a tempering oven for a long time to lose internal tension. It is then precision cut and polished by hand (including the bottom and the leg of the glass) to give it the necessary parameters for a master engraver. The engraver then engraves the actual rose motif through the crystal's coloured layer using a very demanding engraving technique called "underneath".  


These glasses cannot be purchased in any other shop, as they were made in only a few pieces which are all available in our store only. Further orders will only be possible for a customer who purchases these exclusive pieces and wishes to own a set with one color of more than the mere two that are now made of each color.

Height 23cm
Volume 200ml
Made in Czech Republic
Color RedCrystal
Material Crystal 24%PbO