Christmas rose - Vase

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Like the rippled surface of the sea, the relief of wavy lines enlivens the surface of the bulbous vase "Christmas rose" and underlines the high quality of Meissen porcelain with its richness of detail. More

In contrast to the fine relief structure stands the lush plastic decoration of a "Christmas rose", which gives the vase a festive elegance. Accurate bossing creates the delicate petals, which are individually shaped and set by hand. The naturalistic painting of the leaves and wintry ilex branches applied on such strongly relief porcelain represent a special challenge and testify the masterful skill of the porcelain painters. Gold accents emphasize the festive character of the vase "Christmas rose", which makes it a very special Christmas gift.

Height 9cm
Width 9cm
Depth 9cm
Diameter 9cm
Weigth 200g
Made in Germany
Color Multicolour
Material Porcelain