Egermann is located in the picturesque town of Nový Bor, in the beautiful region of North Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The company's name comes from the famous glass technologist and glass painter, Friedrich Egermann, born in 1777 in North Bohemia, who learned to paint as an apprentice in Meissen, Germany. Meissen was at that time a centre of porcelain. He learned the various production processes and how to paint on porcelain. After returning to Nový Bor, he devoted himself to painting on glass and spent his time experimenting with new decorating techniques. The Egermann company, which dates back to the early 18th century, still specialises in hand-decorated glass. Egermann's main and most famous invention, dating from 1832, is the 'red colouring' process, whereby the deep ruby red colouring on the surface of each piece is decorated with baroque patterns using cutting and engraving processes. Egermann is the world's leading manufacturer of the 'red colouring' process. Egermann specialises exclusively in the production of hand-decorated glassware. Glassware at Egermann is still produced using traditional Bohemian techniques. Each vase, glass or bowl is therefore a unique product in the tradition of Grandmaster Friedrich Egermann.