In this category you will find hand-cut crystal with traditional Czech cuts, which have belonged to the family of typical Czech glass for hundreds of years, with so-called rich cuts. Already during the Middle Ages, Czech glassmakers were constantly improving their craft, and thanks to technological improvements, Czech glass became a sought-after item in the Transalpine Renaissance. Its fame matched that of the famous Venetian glass.

During the reign of Rudolf II. then Czech glassmaking experienced a real renaissance. New technologies have emerged, as well as processing techniques, supported by the knowledge of Italian masters. Czech engraved and cut glass became a real concept, grinding as a decorative technique was then used mainly for natural stone in the form of glyptics (mainly engraving in rock crystal). The same or only slightly improved glass grinding techniques are used today.

Unfortunately, the number of true masters in glass grinding and engraving is still declining, and even this field may be irretrievably lost in the near future. High-quality cut crystal will certainly not lose its value even in many years.