Vase decorated with high enamel - Height 21cm

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Colourful vase made of hand blown crystal, hand decorated with high enamel and matt gold with overlay. Traditional Czech handmade. Mehr

Fully handmade product, which was decorated with high enamel technique. The time of the origin of this unique technology was at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Pure gold and platinum are used to decorate glass. It is applied by hand painting on the glass object with a tiny brush in a liquid state, followed by firing in special electric or gas furnaces.

After this firing in the furnace, further embossed layers in the shape of arabesques and floral motifs are gradually applied to the base layer of gold or platinum, which they obtain by repeated firings and by applying other layers on the sculptures. The process of application and firing is usually repeated four times, for more complex decors even more times.

Glass paints are basically ground low-melting glasses. The painter must mix the appropriate paint perfectly with the binder, then apply the paint to the cleaned glass and burn it according to the type of paint and glass at a temperature of 540 - 580 degrees.

Höhe 21cm
Hergestellt in Tschechische Republik
Farbe GrünGoldene