The Monkey Figurine. Chinese Zodiac

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White and brown glossy porcelain monkey figurine with a flower on a trunk, it belongs to the Chinese Zodiac collection. Mehr

Bright, imaginative and skilful, monkeys are quick and adaptable to circumstances. Using their intelligence and sense of humor, they are constantly engaged in a search for new experiences and challenges to stimulate their senses. Their ability allows them to be many things at the same time. They do not surrender to difficulties. The Monkey resists pressure and fights tenaciously. Under this sign are those born between following dates (dd/mm/yy): 6/2/1932-25/1/1933, 25/1/1944-12/2/1945, 12/2/1956-30/1/1957, 30/1/1968-16/2/1969, 16/2/1980-4/2/1981, 4/2/1992-22/1/1993, 22/1/2004-8/2/2005

Höhe 19cm
Breite 8cm
Länge 10cm
Hergestellt in Spanien
Bildhauer Alfredo Llorens
Limitierte Serie No
Farbe WeißGrünRosaBraun
Material Porzellan