Arethusa Figurine. Silver Lustre

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Nymph of the sunset figurine in matte porcelain with a tunic decorated with dark enamels and silver luster. Mehr

Aretusa was one of the Hesperides or Nymphs of the Evening, responsible for caring for the garden owned by the goddess Hera where the golden apple tree that gave eternal life grew. Taking inspiration from that beautiful story of classical mythology, this elegant piece in matte porcelain highlights the contrast between the pallor of the skin and the beautiful decoration of the tunic, finished in dark hues and decorated with lustres.

Höhe 35cm
Breite 14cm
Länge 10cm
Hergestellt in Spanien
Bildhauer José Luis Alvarez
Limitierte Serie No
Farbe WeißGrauSilber
Material Porzellan