Blažek Glass

Blažek Glass, s.r.o.  

is a glass company owned by the Blažek family. Seven generations of the family produced and decorated crystal and their tradition dates back to the 18th century. The first company was established as early as in 1933 by Josef Blažek, then the youngest member of the glass work Blažek family, a skilled crystal glass grinder in Nový Bor and later moved to Poděbrady. There, since 1939, regardless of unfavourable war years, he managed to develop his business until 1948, when his company was nationalized.


In 1992 the glass works were given back to Blažek´s family, who succeeded in restarting the company in spite of the long pause. The tradition of manually decorated crystal was re-established and continues up till nowadays under the name Blažek Glass.


New products and décor lines are continuously developed in the range of manually decorated crystal and both manual work and new technologies are now used for their manufacture and decorating.


In 1997 the company introduced a new product to the domestic and foreign markets - original glass file. This unique product received several awards both in the Czech Republic and abroad and it is patented in many countries of the world.


Blažek Glass s.r.o. manufactures and supplies all over the world original glass files, traditional decorated crystal, crystal urns, trophies, lamps, glass jewellery and other glass goods. The most successful markets include Germany, USA, France, Great Britain, Japan etc.

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