Aida Crystal

In 1989, Jiří Vydra founded a family company. Since that time, it has been bearing trademark Aida. Jiří Vydra, the company owner, has been engaged in glass since 1973 when he started training at worldwide known company Moser in Karlovy Vary where he spend 17 years of practice.

Together with his wife Drahomíra, brother Pavel who studied famous school for engravers in Kamenický Šenov, sons Tomáš and Martin and employees who belong to the family of the company they maintain traditional handmade work of the production process. Products made of glass from gift items, drinks sets to works of art of high value that depict for example works of magnificent painters such as Albrecht Dürer, Alfons Mucha, Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Peter Paul Rubens and others come of that process.

Products and decorations can be adjustedaccording to customer's own models while keeping the artistic and aesthetic connection. Works that become highly valuable originals, which belong solely to a certain customer, are created at customer's request.

Own development of products and designs, which are created in the company is also a matter‑of-course. They are drinks sets, vases, bowls, cups and other shapes with various decorations.

The raw material used for production of Aida products is arranged in the best Czech glassworks. Individual production with own patterns and subjects for the use of our company is being concerned.

The most important techniques of refining glass are – cutting, art engraving, hand painting and gilding of glass. For gilding of glass liquid matt gold is used, after burning it is treated by manual polishing so that gold gets its shine.

Some works are created for several weeks or even months before they get to their customers. Our customers are from all over the world and the most valuable pieces of work find the places in their private collections so that the next generation could admire the beauty of originality of cutting and painting mastery connected with engraver perfection of our company.

Today we admire masterly pieces from the 16to 17 centuries, which are not shown in public. We are trying to create a couple of these pieces of work by means of the old technology and we believe that the next and next generations will admire our products and will think about how such work was created. Our motivation is high interest in these works.

The main credo of the family company Aida is to maintain the high art-craft value of Czech glass carried out by the means of original classic technique.

All products are decorated solely by means of handmade work.

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